Mobile Application Development

Every business is going 'handy' now, and we can launch you with a no-nonsense app.

A mind boggling fact that about 750+ million people use Facebook and over 250+ million users access it through mobiles and about 5.7 billion smart phones prevail across the globe leads to an irrevocable conclusion the future is indeed mobile, few years down the line and it will be standard! With mobile applications making their ways into the online galaxy swiftly, there has been a fundamental shift in the way people perform computing. Online and offline life are becoming fused, thanks to the ubiquity of social media and the impressive plunge of smart phones. Mobile solutions are adopted by marketers and merchants across all verticals for making their marketing efforts and revenue streams more accomplished. Ever since iPhone's launch in 2007, Smartphone realm has experienced a rage revolution and further came various versions of applications and a new wave of application developers.

We don't do ordinary...

What makes mobile apps so appetizing to users and businesses?

  • Mobiles are a mini version of personal computer. Mobiles today are fully equipped with all the functions that popular software performs.
  • Mobile apps are modified from time to time through innovation and there is scope for opportunities as well.
  • Mobile development market has become uber competitive and new series of applications are constantly on the swarm.
  • Various open source platforms can be customized to cater to customer requirements.
  • Extend the brand experience
  • They help reduce bandwidth consumption and server load
  • They are convenient
  • Reporting can be easily done
  • Ease of accessing social media

But why a Mobile App?

We wonder if that's even a question, but because you've asked, we'll tell you...

  • 55% people would rather have their phone than having their morning coffee.
  • 72% people are judgmental, and think you're awesome if you have an app.
  • 68% users want their websites handy rather than looking for a desktop to access them.
  • 77% searches happen at locations where a desktop is ALREADY available.