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Classes Pro software helps to manage students, Teachers, Courses, Batches, Exam, Fees, Attendance,etc. It also provides easy reports like outsanding fees, Student Attendance etc. This is a MUST HAVE Software for all coaching classes and educational institute.

This software helps the institute to handle and plan day to day activities effectively. Use of Classes Pro not only eliminates the manual work but also results in substantial cost reduction which is recurring in nature.

Because we know your time is Precious we've kept it short and sweet.... it'll take a Minute!

Modules and their Features

 Student Module

  • Student Enrolment
  • Stream Details
  • Course Program
  • Batch Details
  • Student Enquiry
  • Automated Follow-up

 Faculty Module

  • Faculty Registration
  • Faculty Assigning
  • Faculty Lecturewise Record

 Payment Module

  • Payment Entry
  • Cheque Details
  • Student Payment Due
  • Student Instalments
  • Faculty Payment
  • Payment Receipt Generation
  • Bank Details
  • Cheque Details Report

 Exam Module

  • Chapter Details
  • Syllabus Details
  • Exam Type
  • Create New Exam
  • Exam Details

 Attendance Module

  • Attendance Details
  • Batch Details
  • Absent Details
  • Time Table Details

 Expenses Module

  • Daily Expenses
  • Add Expenses
  • Resources Expenses
  • Print Expenses
  • Expense Report

 SMS Module

  • SMS Details
  • Block SMS
  • SMS Notification
  • SMS Status
  • SMS Setting
  • Absent Student SMS

 Email Module

  • Add New Email Id
  • Send Email
  • Mail Status
  • Monthly Student Report Email
  • Daily Collection Report Email
  • Team Viewer
  • Add Reminder
  • Note pad
  • Calculator
  • Database Backup/Restore
  • Multi User
  • Live Tiles
  • User Friendly Look and Feel
  • Personalise letters
  • User Management