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Jewellery Mgmt System

Jewellery Inventory Management System (JWCRM)

Jewellery Management System shops sells various types of Jewellery items and it is very difficult to categorize these items on the basis of their manufacturing dates, type of gold used to manufacture it such as either using 24K or 22K. Which items comes under the category of ISI Gold Mark and which items are of local brand. It is also very difficult to analyze the overall transaction for a particular period of time and which ornaments are not available in the shop. To solve these problems this Jewellery Management System has been developed.

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Modules and their Features

 Company Module

  • This module describes the details of the Jewellery shop. It stores all the details about the jewellery shop like Liabilities, Assets, Location.

 Inventory Module

  • This module records all the jewels transactions of the jewellery shop like Raw Materials, Jewels Details, Sales Details, Purchase Details.

 Invoice Module

  • This module stores all the Invoice details of the jewellery shop. All the invoice details to enter here.

 Administration Module

  • Administration details are record in this module. To enter all the details about the administration of the jewellery shop

 Employee Module

  • Records the details of the Employee of the jewellery shop. Only the employee not the programmers.

 Account Module

  • It shows the final accounts of the jewellery shop:
    • Trail Balance.
    • Trading A/C.
    • Profit & Loss A/c.

 Bill Preparation Module

  • This module describes to create and print the bills details about the jewellery shop.

 Properties Module

  • This module describes the details of properties in the jewellery shop.